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In many cases, individuals across the state or country suffer similar personal injuries incurred through the wrongdoing of one or a few companies or entities. These individuals then have the legal right to file personal injury claims against the entity responsible for those injuries. This is what is referred to as a civil wrong or “tort” handled in the civil court system as opposed to a criminal wrong handled in the criminal court system. When these individuals band together unifying their common claims against the opposing party, these claims are bundled together in a “mass tort.” Mass torts involve all of these injured parties as they seek compensation for the damages to which they may be entitled under personal injury law.

If you believe you have sustained injuries through the negligent or harmful actions of another party that are common to many other individuals, you may be able to become part of a mass tort action. At Vahdat & Associates, we can review and evaluate your individual case to determine if you have a valid claim that qualifies. Our firm only handles personal injury cases, whether those injuries have been caused by the harmful behavior of one single other individual, a group, or a large corporation. We have gained vast knowledge and experience in this practice area because of our exclusive concentration in working such civil issues on a daily basis both inside and outside the courtroom.

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Mass Tort Claims & Litigation

Mass torts have become common in cases where many individuals have sustained common injuries from defective consumer products, dangerous pharmaceuticals, and failed medical devices. When many individuals file separate cases against the company responsible for these products, their lawsuits can be consolidated. They may then be handled in what is referred to as “multi-district litigation,” or MDL. This leads to a specific federal court whose job is to oversee and manage the overall litigation in serving these individual claimants and the opposing party.

The benefit of mass torts is that they allow individuals who cannot afford the legal expenses involved in singly prosecuting a claim against a large corporation that has huge financial resources. Because their claims are similar, these individuals will then all benefit from one discovery process used by their attorneys to gain the information and evidence needed to prove their allegations. The discovery process involves both sides exchanging information, evidence, and witnesses to be used at trial.

These cases also commonly involve the use of experts who will provide testimony that will support their claims against the opposing party. Expert testimony is another huge expense that one individual alone could most likely be unable to afford. As part of a group, however, each individual will benefit from sharing the cost of this factor. Overall, the entire group will benefit from sharing all the expenses of bringing a claim and litigating against the other side.

Examples of Mass Torts

Many large corporations have been defendants in mass tort litigation. Examples of these cases include:

  • Claims of cancer caused by Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup
  • Claims of cancer caused by asbestos
  • Claims of cancer caused by the heartburn drug Zantac
  • Claims of medical complications such as chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, and more caused by the use of hernia mesh products
  • Claims of cancer caused by the use of talcum powder
  • Claims of bone fractures and kidney damage caused by acid reflux proton pump inhibitors

Compensation sought in such cases include settlements for medical costs, loss of wages or income, loss of future earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more.

Bring Your Potential Mass Tort Claim to Vahdat & Associates

If you or a loved one has sustained some type of injury from a product that is common to many other claimants, you should discuss your situation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. Our firm provides representation in mass tort actions. You can get started by learning where you stand in this matter and what your legal options may be going forward in a free consultation.

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