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Spine injuries can cause irreparable harm to victims. These permanent injuries can often lead to paralysis of the body and loss of function below the affected area of the spine and can be devastating to both victims and their families. Even less serious injuries to the spine can result in years or a lifetime of chronic pain and disability. Such severe and often catastrophic injuries demand professional legal help. Without the knowledgeable and aggressive services of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you may be convinced to settle for less than your injury is worth by an insurance company whose real interest is in preserving its profitability.

At Vahdat & Associates, we are here to aggressively protect your legal rights against an insurer or another opposing party. Our firm has 40 years of accumulated experience that can be used to advance your case. Our professional team only practices personal injury law which means we have gained enormous legal understanding of this practice area. We bring compassion to all of our clients who have sustained injuries through negligence or other wrongdoing while forcefully pursuing justice on your behalf.

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Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

The majority of all spinal cord injuries occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Other types of accidents and incidents also contribute to these injuries. According to The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, more than 17,000 spinal cord injuries occur every year in the U.S.

These injuries are commonly caused by:

In the wake of a spinal cord injury, medical attention should be sought immediately. The sooner these serious injuries are correctly diagnosed and treated, the better your chances will be for recovery.

Spinal Injury Symptoms

Symptoms of a spinal cord injury will depend on how severe the damage to the spine has been and the location on the spine where the damage has occurred. The spinal cord may be fractured, crushed, compressed, bruised, or dislocated.

One of the most common results of a spinal cord injury is some type of paralysis. However, other symptoms can result, such as breathing difficulties, numbness, swelling and bleeding along the spine, loss of various sense perceptions, and more. The site of the injury will determine which parts of the body will be affected. Below the area of damage, the person may experience loss of sensation, loss of organ control, such as bowel, bladder, and sexual function, and other negative consequences.

Damages That May Be Won in a Spine Injury Claim

Some damages that may be won in a spinal cord injury claim are:

  • Medical Expenses (treatment, hospitalization, etc.)
  • In-Home Medical Care (hiring a trained professional, purchasing medical devices, modifications to home or car, etc.)
  • Wages Lost
  • Loss of quality of life

The cost of medical treatment for spinal cord injuries can be astronomical depending on the severity and location of physical damage. These costs include hospitalization followed by various types of rehabilitation therapies, prescription medications, wheelchairs, and needed modifications to one’s home or vehicle. In the most severe cases, victims may need lifelong medical care as well as daily personal assistance.

The other cost of spinal cord injuries can be in terms of the emotional and psychological damage of losing one’s mobility, independence, and ability to work. This can result in depression, anxiety, frustration, and more. Injured victims may also need psychological counseling to address these issues as well as the trauma of the accident and its physical results. All in all, these expenses can be staggering and may be needed throughout the person’s life. Estimated costs for paraplegia (paralysis of the lower half of the body) and quadriplegia (paralysis of the neck down) can run into the millions on an annual and lifetime basis.

Other Types of Spine Trauma

Many other types of spine trauma can occur resulting in different types of disability other than paraplegia or quadriplegia. Paralysis can occur on only side of the body. Symptoms can include severe spasms or spastic attacks of limbs. Paralysis can be partial, manifesting in only one limb or finger. Other injuries can include weakness and/or loss of sensation in a limb as opposed to total paralysis.

Regardless of the extent or severity of the injury, spinal cord injury victims whose lives are devastated through the wrongdoing of another party deserve compensation. That compensation should provide financial resources for their existing medical expenses, those predicted for the future, their pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of wages/income, loss of earning capacity, and out-of-pocket expenses such as for home and vehicle renovations.

Turn to Our Accomplished Encino Spine Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has sustained a spine injury as a result of the misconduct of another party, you should not be burdened with the extreme expenses you will face. Those responsible for all of your damages should be held liable through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. You should receive full financial compensation for your trauma, physical pain, and more. At such a time, however, your concentration should be on getting the medical care you need as opposed to navigating the complexities of the legal system.

At Vahdat & Associates, our spinal injury attorneys in Encino can take on this burden that requires such issues as providing expert testimony from medical professionals and the meticulous preparation of your case. Our highly-regarded firm has the experience and knowledge needed to proceed on your behalf so that you can focus on what is most critical: your recovery.

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