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How to Successfully Serve an Eviction Notice

Do you need to serve an eviction notice in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura or San Bernardino? Successfully serving an eviction notice is not a task you can take on yourself. Eviction is a process that requires the service of an experienced Los Angeles eviction notice attorney who truly understands the law regarding serving an eviction notice. The legal team at Vahdat & Associates have the experience and knowledge in handling evictions in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. If you are a landlord having dispute with tenants refusing to pay their rent or violating their rental agreement, call us for a free consultation.

Our Lawyers Protect Los Angeles Landlords

At Vahdat & Associates, our Los Angeles landlord attorneys fight for our clients in need of protection from tenants that have broken their lease or require eviction. We advise landlords on legal matters regarding landlord-tenant disputes around in greater Los Angeles area and all surrounding counties. Our team can determine the appropriate terms and conditions with a lease to protect you on any legal action a tenant might claim. We know California law and stay updated for you on local ordinances where your property is located.

Basis for a Successful Tenant Eviction

Our attorneys are ready to take every step to evict your tenant. As a landlord, you must be closely familiar with their lease in order to realize when your tenant is in violation and subject to an eviction.

Under California law, a landlord can evict a tenant for any of the reasons below:

  • Tenant fails to pay rent
  • Tenant violates one or more of the terms on the rental agreement
  • Tenant damages the property and the damage lowers the value of the property
  • Tenant becomes a nuisance to neighbors
  • Tenant uses the property improperly (such as setting up a commercial business, selling drugs, etc.)
  • Tenant fails to vacate the property after the lease has expired

Helping Landlord Serve Valid Notices to Tenants

Once our Los Angeles landlord eviction attorneys have established valid grounds for eviction, we will serve the tenant with a notice of evictions. The notice officially puts your tenant on notice that they have to vacate the premises for the reasons stated. If your tenant reuses to take the notice, it can be left on the ground near the person. The notice may also be left with a person over the age of 18 at the tenant’s residence or workplace with a hard copy mailed to the tenant.

A copy can also be posted on the tenant’s door and then a copy mailed. The contents of the notice are very important. If you fail to include the proper verbiage, it may be considered insufficient, resulting in the eviction being thrown out. This is precisely why you need to hire an experienced Los Angeles landlord eviction attorney to handle the process from the beginning.

Eviction Process in Los Angeles

To evict a tenant, you must have a valid reason to evict them (similar to listed above) and act within California eviction law.

To begin the eviction process:

  • Create an eviction notice (it may be 3-day notice, 30-day, 60-day 90-day, or another type, depending on the situation)
  • Serve the notice and wait for the statutory time period to see if the tenant complies

If the tenant does not comply, the process will continue as follows:

  • Create a conviction complaint and file an unlawful detainer or eviction case
  • Have a process server serve the tenant with the unlawful detainer and wait for the required number of days for a response
  • If no response is received, ask for a default judgment. If the tenant response, then request a trial.
  • If you win the case via default judgment or trial, you may being a writ of possession and the sheriff will help with the lockout process

Filing an Unlawful Detainer Action

If your tenant fails to respond to your notice with the specified time period, you will need to file an unlawful detainer action. This is a formal complaint filed through the court system and requires you as the landlord to complete several forms, including:

  • Unlawful Detainer Complaint
  • Civil Case Cover Sheet
  • Prejudgment Claim of Right of Possession

Because these documents contain a fair amount of legal jargon and it is imperative that they are completely and accurately filled out, you should hire an experienced attorney to handle the process. Once you have completed the documents, you must serve it onto your tenant and proceed through the court process. If you are a landlord having dispute with your tenant, there might be a need to evict your tenant. Contact us today!

The Los Angeles landlord eviction attorneys at Vahdat & Associates has the experienced and knowledge to handle your tenant eviction process with precision and success. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with our legal team, please call us at (888) 523-1698 or toll free at 800.BUT.4.LAW, or contact us online.

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