Car Accidents Still the Leading Cause of Child Deaths

Car Accidents Still the Leading Cause of Child Deaths

Injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident continue to be the leading cause of death among children under the age of 15 in the United States. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), between 2010 and 2014, approximately 3,000 children died in automobile accidents in the U.S. Tragically, the majority of the children who died were not properly belted or restrained at the time of the accident, which means these deaths may have been prevented.

Losing a child is one of the most difficult experiences a parent can face. The untimely loss of a child, especially if the loss could have possibly been prevented, is unimaginably devastating. It is critically important to properly restrain a child while in a car in order to protect them from suffering serious injuries, or even death if your vehicle is in an accident.

Tips for Preventing or Reducing the Likelihood of Child Death in Car Accidents

Some accidents are inevitable and the resulting injuries are out of the victims’ hands. However, in some cases, serious car accident injuries or death can be avoided if you follow certain safety tips. This is especially true in the case of motor vehicle injuries involving children.

One of the most important safety features in a vehicle is the seat belt. By properly securing your child with a seat belt, car seat, or other restraints, you can reduce the seriousness of any injuries in the event of an accident and reduce the likelihood of a fatality. According to the NHTSA, of the children ages 12 years and younger who died in a car crash in 2015 (for which restraint use was known), 35% were not buckled up. This is simply tragic, as these deaths could have been prevented if the parents or guardians simply took the time to obey the law and buckle up their children.

Research demonstrates that child restraints and seat belts are the most effective ways to prevent injuries and death in children as the result of a car accident. By following these laws, you can literally save your child’s life:

  • California state law requires that children who are two years old or younger must ride in a rear-facing car seat until they weigh at least 40 pounds or are more than 40 inches tall.
  • Children under the age of eight must ride in a booster seat or car seat.
  • Once a child is 8 years old or at least four feet nine inches tall, they can be secured by a safety belt.

Complying with these important laws can make a tremendous difference in the event that your child is involved in a motor vehicle accident.

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