Important Steps To Take To Avoid Accidents While Riding a Motorcycle


Important Steps To Take To Avoid Accidents While Riding a Motorcycle

It is a well known fact that motorcycles are generally less stable than motor vehicles. When a motorcycle is involved in an accident, the rider lacks the protection of an enclosed vehicle and safety features like a seatbelt and airbags, making him or her more vulnerable to suffering a serious injury or even death. According to the federal government, per mile traveled in 2012, the number of motorcycle-related deaths is more than 26 times the number of deaths in cars.

While riding a motorcycle may be fun and exciting, it can also be dangerous and deadly. While not getting on your motorcycle may not be an option, taking every precaution to safely operate the motorcycle and to avoid, or at least reduce the likelihood, of getting into an accident, is a must.

Important Tips on Avoiding Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle safety requires both skill and judgment on the part of the rider. As a motorcyclist, you are vulnerable to suffering serious injuries when riding your bike. You are less visible to other vehicles on the road. When you are involved in an accident, your injuries will be significantly more serious.

While you cannot totally avoid getting into a motorcycle accident, you can reduce the likelihood of getting into accidents if you remember 5 important safety tips while riding:

  1. Be prepared. While riding your motorcycle, you should constantly be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Use 2 functional rear view mirrors. Most states only require motorcyclists to use one rear view mirror. However, it is better and safer to use two fully functional and properly located rear view mirrors. The use of two mirrors will allow you to see behind you and be able to react more quickly.
  3. Don’t wear earplugs. You should refrain from wearing earplugs while riding a motorcycle, especially in traffic. Earplugs can make it nearly impossible to hear vehicles approaching or screeching tires.
  4. Loud pipes save lives. An approaching motor vehicle is more likely to be aware of a motorcycle if they can actually hear the motorcycle. The louder your pipes are, the easier other motorists will be able to detect you.
  5. Use brighter tail and brake lights. Most state laws require that motorcycles be equipped with at least one brake light and one taillight. The more visible your lights are, the more visible you will be to other motorists on the road. LED lights are generally a better option for motorcycles, as they are significantly brighter than the normal bulbs that most motorcycles come equipped with.

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